CRYOS - A journey to Motherhood

Queens of Money

International Women's Day Powerwalk to #Breakthebias

Ευχές για μία χρονιά γεμάτη έμπνευση!

Women Fit 4 Business Closing Ceremony

Personal Branding Workshop

#IncredibleWomen – Simone Bailey

Women Fit 4 Business Training Workshop 1

#IncredibleWomen – Memnia Theodorou

Charity Run for Hara Phitides Granath

#IncredibleWomen – Christina O’Neill

Shelley Porges “Looking forward”

Elena Tanou Honorary AIPFE award

Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop ‘Building your Venture in 10 Steps’

Adi Altschuler and Social Entrepreneurship

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